Monday, March 30, 2009

I Love Watchmen

We finally got to see Watchmen on Saturday. Evan and I decided to forgo the Obey house movie night and go out just the two of us. The night was hectic only because we usually go to the South Side on weeknights. We forgot how crazy crowded it gets and how long you have to wait to eat. The movie didn't even start until 10:15 so we thought we were good. FAIL! We ran around so long trying to find a reasonable wait for dinner that we ended up leaving and heading to the Waterfront for a 10:40 show. Haha. It worked out well even if we did end up dining at the Munhall Subway. Ick.

I always say if you are going to blow $10 per person on a movie, make sure it's one worth seeing in the theater. Comedies can wait to be watched on the couch, at home for free. They don't need to be loud or big. Watchmen definitely needed to be loud and big. It was ear beating (awesome) and full of sights that I want to see larger than life. And NO I am not talking about Dr. Manhattan's wiener!

The whole movie was great. It lived up to my expectations - sadly not exceeding them. But hey, I expect a lot. My favorite performances were Rorschach (I spelled that right on my first try, holy cow) and the guy that I call "Owlman" even though that's not his name. The chick was good, too. Not even sure what any of her names were...Miss Jupiter? That sounds right. Her clothes were notable to me because they were very contemporary (i.e., leggings with gladiator shoes and long sweaters with skinny belts)- even though the movie was set in the 80's. I liked how they did that. For that reason, it will be a weird movie to watch 20 years from now.

What's that? You say you want to know more of what's going on with me lately? Well, pull up a chair...

I decided to take the intermediate sewing class and make a further fool of myself. My dancing skeletons table topper is hilariously uneven. It will do the job, and no one will even (pun?) notice, but I will not be bragging about making it. That's for sure. My current project is a purse. I got the inspiration from a bag we have at DSW that looks like this:
If mine turns out OK, I will post a photo of it. I'm scurred.

Aaaaaaaaaand, I've been a shopaholic since starting at DSW. I just got a great deal on some ridiculous fuchsia, sequined pumps. I can't find a picture of them to post. Grrrr. I wore them out on Saturday and quite a few ladies stopped me to say they loved them. I find it funny when people say, "I love those but I would never wear them!" Then what is it that you love about them? Seeing them on someone else is enough for most folks, I suppose. I live for attention, so it works out. What?!?!?! Did she just say that she lives for attention? I think you already knew that. People don't blog, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, and yadda yadda yadda if they don't enjoy attention.

I will be buying these shoes on Sunday...already on markdowns happening at the Dub on my discount...can't say no:

I love to shop. I always buy little things when we take Ivy to the mall. I never spend much. It's mostly clearance stuff. Today I went a little crazy but still didn't spend a lot. My real problem is that I have too much of everything and not enough space for it all. I always try to get rid of things I don't wear a lot but it's tough. Because I really MIGHT use things at any given time. It's no joke. Something might sit for a year until inspiration strikes me and I figure out just how to wear it! Jewelry, clothes, shoes - it's an art form really. That explained, can you imagine all the stuff I am hoarding in my costume stash?

In a nutshell - my life is soooooooo goooooood! Kyrie Eliason!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Love This and That

I finally opened my precious little Simple. It is a lovely new toy. I wound my very first bobbin on it. Go me! And that tablecloth is not going to be as simple as I thought. It has a border. Eek! Haha. I started cutting fabric for it while Ivy watched all 20 episodes of Caillou On Demand. It won't be difficult, but at least I feel like it's more of a learning experience.

Other new and exciting tidbits:

1.) I am working at the Steel City Con with The Masquerade in April. That is going to be so retardedly fun. I hope I'm there for the 3rd day's costume contest! Homemade costumes only will be eligible. Magnificent! I won't be able to participate because I have to dress up in Masquerade merchandise. I don't have to dress up at all, but I was told I could. We all know that I never pass up the opportunity to dress like a fool. I found a super little pirate costume at the store and I believe it will be my uniform for the weekend. I don't like pirates very much, but it works. The only female Star Wars costume we have right now is Padme Amidala. It is gianormous and pretty fugly, to be honest. My boss made it clear in his own way that I should either dress Star Wars or dress pirate. Pirate wins. There IS a Rainbow Brite costume that I'm sure he would OK (it's a toy show, too) but then I would have to wear a wig...still debating, but leaning towards no.

2.) I made cupcakes today. They are in Spongebob papers with dinosaur shaped sprinkles. Why did I do this? I really have no idea. I just saw Funfetti mix in the baking aisle and had to have it. They're delicious. My co-workers stand to benefit greatly from this.

3.) I am already working on mine and Evan's Halloween costumes. I figure there will be no excuse for a half-assed job if I start now. Then I can start using my sewing skills for something important. Hehe. It's too bad this Con isn't falling later in the year so that we could enter their contest. Our outfits would fit right in.

4.) This is the best news of all. Jon LaJoie is coming to Pittsburgh and we are going. Jen is buying the tickets tonight. She burned me a copy of his CD that she bought. That guy was born with one seriously dominant funny gene. If you haven't heard "Pop Song" then you must listen to it...immediately!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I Love Sewing!

An in-depth review of sewing's presence in my life...while I wait for my ride...

I have 4 classes under my belt and I am proud to say I have completed one pair of cotton lounging pants. Yeah, I lounge. What of it?

Everyone in the class had to make them, so I made mine distinctly Nicole - bright pink fabric with hearts and skulls and paint splatters all over them. My friend, Tony, was here the night I brought them home and he [jerkwad] said, "Gotta love the 80's!" Guilty as charged. Did you ever see my playlist, conveniently located below? It's one continuous jam after another.

For my next project, I should probably attempt something more challenging. Here's my problem: The thing I need - really NEED - is a tablecloth for the Oddmall. I have this adorable purple fabric with happy little skeletons all over it. NOTE: Halloween fabric already 70% off + an additional 50% off because it was the end of the bolt = happy Nicole. A tablecloth the likes of which I need will certainly be no challenge at all! I suppose I should try something different...maybe with a zipper or a pocket. Tailors and seamstresses of the world unite in laughter at this mere fledgeling with her $100.00 Singer Simple and her big ideas!

Ah, the Singer Simple. The best $100 machine that $100 can buy. I haven't even taken it out of the box yet. I look forward to it, but the time just hasn't been right. Too much other noise going on. I am involved in so many projects right now. I need to finish some things up before I really get involved with it. I have until Thursday because I will need to take it to my next class. I've been using one of theirs and it's fine, but you really should learn on the machine you will be using.

I'm boring myself to tears right now, JSYK. It's not just you. :x

Time for a mandatory DSW meeting. Should be just the thing to jumpstart this lazy Sunday... /sarcasm off>

Have a lovely evening, ladies and germs.

PS, this chick is why I want to learn to sew: MeowKiki Clothing Her stuff is the bees knees.

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