Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Hate Being Sore

I'm a freaking weakling. I painted at the tearoom for like 5 hours straight yesterday and now I am sore sore sore. Sucks. Evan and I went to dinner and then to see District 9 (see it) last night with the intention of going for drinks afterward. Haha, we were on the way home and I couldn't figure out why I was so tired. I ended up on the couch and ready for bed before 2! It dawns on me this morning that I worked harder yesterday in the heat than I have in a while. Duh. That explains the tired.

There's a bright side to this. I painted at the tearoom! It's so exciting to see things on the upswing out there. I've had little or nothing to do with the operation over the past several months - since there wasn't much I COULD do. Plus I was working my ass off at 2 jobs for awhile, which didn't leave me much time. I'm finally quitting DSW after this month. It's kinda pointless to work one day a week and not at all some weeks. I will still have my discount until January, so that is cool. Anyways, that will free up time now that the Masquerade is getting busier and busier. The final stages of the tearoom and its opening are cutting it very close to Halloween. Haha, it WOULD work out that way so that I will be working 24/7 between both during October. Oh well, that's why I've been planning Halloween costumes and such for months already. I figured October would be mad busy. I suppose it will then be time to say farewell to the Masquerade. That's one hell of a bummer. I love that store. But nothing in the world can top being your own boss. Nothing.

Speaking of being my own boss, I am amazed at how well Freshwater Designs is doing! All of the sudden I'm selling stuff left and right. And it's not cheap stuff either. My mind has begun to revel in the thought that avoiding housework in the name of creativity might finally be paying off. Too bad that success and money making equals more taxes. Bastards.

And speaking of Freshwater Designs...I am kind of bursting with ideas lately. I don't know where it all comes from. I can't shut it off. I fear that I may be wearing myself out by dabbling in too many other crafts. Then again, one can never have too many artistic outlets. I guess I will just keep selling anything I can make. Why not? And when AntiquiTea opens, I will be ready with product coming out the wazoo.

Time to get back into my creativity cave...because I ain't doing those dishes today.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Love The Magical Feeling of Cardboard

I'm having an epic summer of adventure. I can't even really go into any of it because I would be here all day. Concerts, birthdays (mine and others), roller skating, zombie walk, raising anti-cake armies, other stuff I'm forgetting. I'm just going to keep going before that there tearoom opens and I begin working my little rear end off. We have walls...WALLS!!! Where there are new walls, there's a new business getting ready to open.

My best birthday gift...

Skull Polka Dot Houndstooth Skirt

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