Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I Love Bein' Less Large, More In Charge!

Holy Jesus, it's been a while since I've been on the Bloggerspotter. It isn't for any lack of post-worthy happenings. I just haven't had much time. Halloween was - OF COURSE - busy for me. Going from working 15 hrs a week to almost 40 was a shock to my life. Work, work, work. I like work. But then nothing slowed down between Thanksgiving and Christmas, naturally. That is a good thing because it means I have my life back in order. I'm living my life in a much better way than I was a year ago. I'm all grown up again or some such nonsense.

The main thing on my mind has been my work situation. Immediately after Halloween I decided to satisfy my curiosity and ask Mel (then the store manager) if I even had a shot at the assistant manager spot. I didn't want to bail on the tearoom but money talks, and benefits, and vacation time, and all the good stuff that comes along with a "real job." My Mom understood. Mel was shocked because he didn't realize that I was a possible candidate. That threw him into a tizzy of talking to our regional manager and forcing them to reveal what they had in mind for the position. We waited for what seemed like an eternity while this person talked to that person and that dude checked with another guy. I thought I'd never know.

Enter change. I arrived one day to unsettling news. Mel was no longer with the company. I think I actually shed a tear or two. It was quite a shock. The news was given to me by Bill. Bill had been the fill-in assistant for Halloween since Chucky left us. The store was now his. I was his pick for assistant, no questions asked. This put me into quite a confused state of mind. Could I work with Bill as well as I had with Mel? I decided I could. But there was a catch. The assistant manager position was no longer a full-time job. It was going to be 30-35 hours a week with a higher hourly rate. No assistants in any of the permanent stores has full-time stature. I had to chew it over and ultimately decided not to go for it. I figured that my Mom wouldn't be able to give me what they were offering hourly, but if I was going to work that many hours with no bennies I would rather be at AntiquiTea. It was no contest.

Enter madness. Now all I had to do was wait until the tearoom was opened and then I'd say goodbye to my awesome Halloween job. My perfect place to work. It was bumming me out, but it wasn't a huge deal. I had made my decision and I was relieved. But NOOOOOOO! It couldn't be that easy. I never really gave much thought to how much they like me in this company. I just always try to do the best job I can. Apparently, as employees of the Masquerade, LLC go, I'm some bright shining star. Bill told me he was making the company a counter-offer and that the very tippy-top of the company was involved. I was plunged back into the unknown. I had more waiting to do...ugh.

Enter clarity. They came to decide that I am worth making an exception for. Thank you, Masquerade. I'm happy to stay. I have less than 2 days before I am officially the full-time assistant manager of their Robinson store. I'm still a little surprised. This should be an interesting ride.

Peace out.

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