Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I Love MeowKiki

THEY'RE MINE, ALLLLLL MINE! I feel like some kind of champion. Her work is TO DIE FOR. Every so often, she has a 9.99 ebay sale and I always try to get something. I wasn't counting on winning 4 items, but they're soooooo worth it. I've wanted that space hoodies for like EVER. Plus, I've been selling a lot of stuff lately so I feel free to shop now and then. Aren't I always preaching to buy handmade? There, I'm practicing what I preach.

Off to do a quick Freshwater Designs blog...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Love The Renaissance Festival

I'm blown away by the fact that Ivy wanted a crown so bad that she actually got on that ride! There is hope for us taking her to Kennywood next year, after all. The little goofball is growing up. She had a great time on Sunday. So did we. I could spend days at the Renfest just because of the art/clothing/crafts. We ended up with another print from Delight. She's so pleasant that we always end up buying from her.

There was a booth that sells clothing where they had this handworked, purple, leather fairy costume...I should have taken a picture. It was $1500.00 and worth every last cent. The wings alone were sick enough. They were also made from leather and came to a point with these claws at the end. Oh to be rich. I would have bought it in a second. Delight told me that some heavy woman tried it on and left her granny panties on underneath it. This was a sexy, revealing outfit, mind you. I hear it was an interesting sight. Haha. Sorry i missed the show.

On Friday (going back in time here), we pulled another South Side all-nighter...and when you have to work in the AM on Sat, that is NEVER a good idea. I have a vague recollection of coming out of Dee's and devouring a Mike and Tony's gyro on some steps. Mmmmm...that's the best kind of meal. Frickin' Dee's with their 5.00 pitchers. That's devil magic there. Earlier in the night, there was this gorgeous Asian girl at Tiki who was just so starved for attention that she pretty much stripper danced all over the place all night. I am proud to have made her dance with the old drunk guy in the corner. That was classic. When I told her to do it, she actually looked at me all creeped out and said, "REALLY?" So, uhm, yeah, the hooker at the bar had standards. Of course I made her do it and it was great...particularly because he got all into it and his pants were falling down and everyone could see his tightey whiteys. Classic. I'm like a comedy coreographer.

Yesterday I went to Volant for a Tea Association meeting. The lady's shop...what was it called again???? Anyways, it was really cute. She had a tea tasting bar and a little gift shop. I MISS THE TEAROOM. Everytime I visit another one, I am reminded of how superior AntiquiTea is to all of the others. I hate to be like that, but it's the God's honest truth! It's coming along now, though. My Dad is finishing up on the plumbing, the rooms are getting painted/wallpapered/trimmed out. It's going to be so fantastic. I will miss the Masquerade, but whatever.

Yeah, I said Masquerade. And I have to touch on this before I forget about it. Chuck is gone. He got another job. It sucks so bad now because the guy replacing him for the Halloween season is an auditor for the company. He's more "by the books" than our store manager is. It's more like a real job now. Chuck and I have been friends and hanging out since I met him there a year ago. Nothing beats working with a good friend, especially when they're your boss...ESPECIALLY when they're Chuck. If I wasn't leaving after the Holiday, I would have taken his job in .02 milliseconds. And I know I could have had it. Why couldn't he have left us 6 months ago when I could have had the full-time, salaried position for a while? Ugh. Bad timing there. At any rate, it sucks that hes gone and it sucks to have this perfect job dangling in front of my face when I know I can't take it...booooooooooo!

On a lighter note, life is grand. Love it. Laters.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Love Doing Things

Haha, whatever. I'm bored and lazy right now. I have nothing interesting to write about.

All I've been doing is working here, working there, and working everywhere. I did another hard labor mission at the tearoom. Finished up some painting that needed done. Boring. I spent hours by myself in a little cubby-hole that is going to be as a server station. My dad gave me lessons in painting and sanding door trim. My dad is hilarious. He's the most insane perfectionist I know. I love going out there and working with him.

Evan and I went up to Nunny's (future Moon Run party central) yesterday after deciding to hold off on the Renaissance Festival until next weekend. Eff you, rain!!! I grabbed a hammer and started an obsessive nail pulling tornado. I must have cleaned out thousands of them. I love that sort of mindless, repetative work. My hands be hurtin' today. Evan finished ripping out the walls in what will be our bedroom. There was so much soot underneath that we looked like dirty little kids. It was pretty hilarious. The shower water was black, needless to say. Now I totally understand the concept of "lather, rinse, repeat...as needed." I'm not afraid to get dirty. And no one had ever accuse me of being a girly-girl after all the times I have had to deal with sewage backups in this curret house of mine.

But dammit I was looking forward to the Renfest since we missed it last year. Last year at this time, my life was a nightmare. Now that things are back to normal (sort of), doing things like that is almost purifying. Plus, the Freshes bought our tickets. Sweet. Free is my favorite 4 letter F-word.

And speaking of what a rotten NERD I am...I got a Halloween costume for Ivy. It's a dragon. It is the cutest thing ever. I decided not to spend a lot of time or money on hers this year since she is so picky about what she wears. I got the costume at work for nothing and she loves it. She was running around in it the other day and going, "roar roar roar roar roar." Hehe, she's the best kid. She said, "Thank you so much for my costume, Mommy. Thanks for buying it for me." She's not even 3 and she has better manners than I do.

I have much work to do on mine and Evan's costumes for this year. I can't wait! Halloween was such a draaaaaaaaag last year thanks to my head being up my ass. I had fun at the party I went to, but it was lacking Evan and that sucks. I look forward to making up for it this year.

Meh, I guess it's time to get off of my ass and do something...

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