Sunday, November 30, 2008

I Hate Missing Myspace

I deleted my Myspace account, which is depressing me. I loved Myspace. Yes, I am 15 years old at heart. Haha. Meh, as much as I hated to do it, I had to. I just need to start using my time on the computer for more constructive things! I'm focusing a lot of my energy on jewelry right now. I still have the Freshwater Designs Myspace. Check it out and pass it on. I would love it if you'd add me as a friend, since I lost so many with the deleting of my personal profile.

I'm gladly rekindling my relationship with The Bead Hive. This is an eBay group I have belonged to for a long time. It is comprised of the best damned jewelry and bead makers on eBay (or anywhere online, in my opinion). Sadly, my mindset over the past year has kept me from enjoying many of the things that I love and take pride in. I need to get back to what I know. The best news is that I "rejoined" just in time for them to move the group off of eBay and onto Aimoo. This means one major thing to me...I can finally talk about my frickin' frackin' Etsy site! On an eBay group, you can't even whisper the name "Etsy." *shhhhhhhhh* Not even in a private group, just between members. Nope. For those of us who no longer sell on eBay, it makes such a group far less useful.

Uhm, yeah, I made my signature 2008 holiday piece this past week. With any luck, it will sell at the Old Allegheny Marketplace in mid-December. I'd buy it. Haha.

Oker-dokers. I have to pry myself from the computer because Evan and Ivy are on the way home with feeeeeewd for me. Num-num-num.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Hate the Past

I have not been myself for at least a year. I left reality behind in pursuit of a dream - a fairytale about star-crossed lovers - that DID NOT exist. I am now left facing a harsh reality where everything I have ever cared about must be rebuilt. Resolutions have been made to face the future and stop living in the past.

Incredibly, my husband has not abandoned me in this. Quite the contrary. He has proven (not that proof was needed) to be the best friend I have and to love me, indeed, for better or for worse. I've never been worse...and it's hard to imagine I could ever do worse.

The future is unclear. Certainly there is no going back to a better time. There is only moving on. There is only starting over. Ultimate challenge needs ultimate determination.

The past year's behavior has left me an empty shell. I have little confidence, a failing identity, a raging obsession that needs stifled, and a WHOLE LOT OF APOLOGIES TO MAKE! This is all my doing and there is no one else to blame. I'll do like I always do and deal with it.

Thanks to everyone for their love and support! You know who you are.

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