Sunday, March 8, 2009

I Love Sewing!

An in-depth review of sewing's presence in my life...while I wait for my ride...

I have 4 classes under my belt and I am proud to say I have completed one pair of cotton lounging pants. Yeah, I lounge. What of it?

Everyone in the class had to make them, so I made mine distinctly Nicole - bright pink fabric with hearts and skulls and paint splatters all over them. My friend, Tony, was here the night I brought them home and he [jerkwad] said, "Gotta love the 80's!" Guilty as charged. Did you ever see my playlist, conveniently located below? It's one continuous jam after another.

For my next project, I should probably attempt something more challenging. Here's my problem: The thing I need - really NEED - is a tablecloth for the Oddmall. I have this adorable purple fabric with happy little skeletons all over it. NOTE: Halloween fabric already 70% off + an additional 50% off because it was the end of the bolt = happy Nicole. A tablecloth the likes of which I need will certainly be no challenge at all! I suppose I should try something different...maybe with a zipper or a pocket. Tailors and seamstresses of the world unite in laughter at this mere fledgeling with her $100.00 Singer Simple and her big ideas!

Ah, the Singer Simple. The best $100 machine that $100 can buy. I haven't even taken it out of the box yet. I look forward to it, but the time just hasn't been right. Too much other noise going on. I am involved in so many projects right now. I need to finish some things up before I really get involved with it. I have until Thursday because I will need to take it to my next class. I've been using one of theirs and it's fine, but you really should learn on the machine you will be using.

I'm boring myself to tears right now, JSYK. It's not just you. :x

Time for a mandatory DSW meeting. Should be just the thing to jumpstart this lazy Sunday... /sarcasm off>

Have a lovely evening, ladies and germs.

PS, this chick is why I want to learn to sew: MeowKiki Clothing Her stuff is the bees knees.


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