Friday, October 2, 2009

I Hate Mary Jo

I guess I shouldn't say that I hate her. I don't even know her. I will never meet her. I will just continue to be reminded of her existence until I get a new phone number some day.

I've had my phone number for at least 3 years. I just know I've had the same one for Ivy's whole life and then some. It's probably more like 4+ years. Anyway, when I first had it (the first year or so) I received many phone calls for a woman named Mary Jo. It was mainly pharmacies and what sounded like really old ladies. My assumption? That Mary Jo was dead and that I had gotten what used to be her phone number.

A long time passed where I never received a call for her. Until about 6 months ago. I started getting calls from the Social Security Administration, banks, and Doctor's offices. Everyone I have spoken with informs me that this is the number that she is giving out. I'm pretty sure some people thought I was lying to them. Haha. Whatever. The point is that Mary Jo is alive and either thinks that my phone number is really hers or she is from the simpler, 7-digit days of Pittsburgh and doesn't include the area code. This could lead people to automatically call 412 instead of 724????? Make any sense?

One of these days I will try calling the number with 724. But it scares me. Sike, just kidding. I just feel bad calling some old woman and saying, "Get out of my life, you old biddy."

Finally, the weird thing about the situation. I love crazy coincidences like this. Guess what Mary Jo's last name is.

KNOUSE (jeepers, jinkies, and zoinks)


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