Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Love My Life


Because it is epic. I know I am a wretched bitch who does nothing but complain during certain hormonal peaks and valleys, but you need to realize I am actually quite content. I just have my moments of spazzation. What broad doesn't?

There is absolutely no reason for anyone close to me in my life to still roll with me after the things I have done. But somehow, some way, I managed to at least exercise good judgment when it came to choosing my closest friends along the way. *whew* I never cease to be amazed at the love in my life. Starting at the inner circle with Evan (who is and always has been and always will be the best and most priceless friend that a woman could ask for) and trickling all the way down to the ladies and [few] gents who I work with and only see from time to time - I feel massive amounts of love. I don't know what I have done to deserve it and I am painfully aware of the things I have done to disqualify me from it. It's actually a pleasant mystery I ponder often. All I can tell you is that I am thankful for it.

In addition to the super folks in my life, I am quite fond of what I do with myself. Even while my tea business is on hiatus, I am able to do work that makes me proud and that I honestly enjoy. Rarely is there a day that I don't want to go to work. And when I don't feel like it - which is very rare - it's DSW that I shun. Never the Masquerade.

8 months ago I walked into a Halloween store and walked out with the best imaginable part-time job for me. My work at the Masquerade has resulted in so many awesome things. I have made one of the best friends that I have in my life right now. I heart The Chuck. I have met some fun and creative guys and girls that I feel enriched for knowing. And I have gotten paid to do something that I love more than anything - play dress up! They just paid me to spend 3 days at the Steel City Con dressed like a pirate and (on the 3rd day) Wonder Woman. It was truly a notable experience that led me to discover a couple of amazing people who are doing wonderful things for the world. Check out the Lake Erie Pirates (they have pics of me on there) and the 501st Legion. Good stuff.

But I won't let DSW go without a mention here. I do enjoy it there. I've met lots of nice people. And I have to say they are a company that rewards hard work and responsibility. They actually asked me if I'd be interested in a full-time management position while they were looking to fill it. I was flattered but obviously couldn't let them invest time in training me when I knew I wouldn't be there for much longer. Just yesterday, one manager made me feel awesome when he wouldn't let me just quit altogether at the end of the month like I intended to. Haha. I was surprised and again flattered to know that I had "proven myself worthy" of a little perk where I can work one little shift a week (of my chosing), thereby keeping my discount! Woohoo! Plus I don't yet have to say goodbye to them.

Things are also looking up for my jewelry. I did the Oddmall last week and it was a great marketing and networking experience. I didn't make enough to justify travelling so far for a show, but I gained valuable experience, info, and - I think - fans. I have sold a number of pricy items in the last couple of months. Helps to make the ends meet, ya know? Also helps to support my crafting addiction. I'm looking forward to having the tearoom back so that I will have a permanent showplace for my work.

OK, it's time for bed. It's like 1AM and there are at least 5 hours before Evan returns from Vegas. Can't wait.

And my daughter is the best kid ever. I just felt I needed to add that to this because it is such a happy post. She brings the happy like it's her job. Haha.


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